Plug-In Hybrids Possible in 18-Months...IF

Editorial in Harriburg, Pa Patriot News on need for affordable, reliable battery to make plug-in hybrids commercially feasible on a large scale.

Published: 05-Jun-2006

It sounds too good to be true. An otherwise conventional ve hicle that gets 80-plus miles per gallon, leading to a reduction in U.S. fuel consumption by 60 percent and greenhouse-gas emissions by two-thirds.

That's the claim made in behalf of the plug-in hybrid vehicle. Employing state-of-the-art lithium-ion batteries, it would provide an all-electric operating range of 25 to 35 miles or more, after which a regular gasoline or diesel motor would kick in. The battery would be re charged at home at night, when there is plenty of electric- generating capacity available, by plugging the car into a standard electrical outlet.

A movement launched in January by numerous cities and renewable energy advocates, called The Plug-in Partners National Campaign, seeks to show that a market exists for such vehicles in hopes of luring a major automaker into producing them.


Hybrid car would plug into house current to recharge battery pack that would allow the average driver to go more than 250 miles on a gallon of gasoline.

Remarks to the president after May 3, 2006 Cabinet meeting.

Excerpted remarks by G.W. Bush from Pennsylvania Congressional Victory Committee Dinner


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