Fuel Sippers Forge Ahead in South Africa Economy Run

The award for overall efficiency for any car, petrol or diesel, in the 1000 km Total Economy Run was awarded to a Citroen Picasso, similar to the model in the photo at 4.6 L/100km (50+ mpg).

Published: 07-Jun-2006

Citroen, General Motors and Ford scooped the majority of the awards on the 2006 Total Economy Run held around Rustenburg from June 1 to 3.

The award for overall efficiency for any car, petrol or diesel, was awarded to a Citroen Picasso crewed by Michele Lupini/Steve Grobbelaar. They achieved a consumption figure of 4,65697 litres per 100 kilometres (50.5 mpg) and an overall index of fuel efficiency figure of 2,88001 litres/100km/ton (81.67 mpg) where the weight of the car is taken into consideration in determining the fuel efficiency of the car.

They also won the award for the best performance on fuel efficiency in the diesel category, while Gerry Gericke/John Smit won the section for fuel efficiency for a petrol car in a Saab 0,93 LPT Linear. They achieved a fuel efficiency figure of 3.96571 litres/100 km/ton.


HyGenius F600 is a compact-class car with a family-friendly design powered by a zero-emission fuel-cell drive, which consumes the equivalent of 2.9 litres of fuel per 100 kilometres (81.mpg) and has an operating range in excess of 400 kilometres (248 mi).

While American's complain about high fuel prices, Europe embraces fuel efficiency. Photo: Renault Scenic.

There's a big battle shaping up as manufacturers roll out cheap cars for the masses. Toyota Yaris pictured below.


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