DuPont and BP Develop Sugar Beet-based Biofuel

Like ethanol, butanol is an alcohol compound, but with four carbon atoms instead of two. DuPont officials said the different chemical structure of butanol gives it several advantages over ethanol, including tolerance to water contamination, facilitating transportation via pipeline.

Published: 21-Jun-2006

DOVER, DEL. - Chemical maker DuPont said Tuesday it will begin marketing biofuels for the transportation sector next year through a partnership with oil company BP.

The companies said a collaboration they began in 2003 has advanced to the point where they plan to introduce butanol made from sugar beets as a gasoline-blending component in the United Kingdom.

DuPont and BP are working with British Sugar, a subsidiary of Associated British Foods, to convert the UK's first ethanol fermentation facility to produce biobutanol.


Award-winning ethanol-fueled Saab is concept car that could see production sooner than anticipated due to public interest.

Courage LC75 LMP2 cars -- similar to photo below --will be powered by engines using bio-ethanol fuel, although whose engine to use has yet to be made.

The great danger of the biofuels craze is that it will divert us from stronger steps to limit dependence on foreign oil: higher fuel taxes to prod Americans to buy more gasoline-efficient vehicles and tougher federal fuel economy standards to force auto companies to produce them, writes Washington Post columnist Robert J. Samuelson.


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