Belmondo Racing to Use Bio-ethanol in 2007 Le Mans Cars

Courage LC75 LMP2 cars -- similar to photo below --will be powered by engines using bio-ethanol fuel, although whose engine to use has yet to be made.

Published: 21-Jun-2006

The Paris, France based Paul Belmondo Racing team has announced plans to contest the 2007 Le Mans 24 Hour race with a two car team of Courage LC75 LMP2 cars powered by engines using bio-ethanol fuel.

A decision on whether to use French manufactured naturally aspirated Mechachrome V8 engines or UK produced turbocharged four cylinder AER engines is ‘imminent’.

When that decision is made one of the team’s existing Courage C65 chassis will be converted for a test programme that is due to begin in October.


Award-winning ethanol-fueled Saab is concept car that could see production sooner than anticipated due to public interest.

The great danger of the biofuels craze is that it will divert us from stronger steps to limit dependence on foreign oil: higher fuel taxes to prod Americans to buy more gasoline-efficient vehicles and tougher federal fuel economy standards to force auto companies to produce them, writes Washington Post columnist Robert J. Samuelson.


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