ZENN Microcar EV Wins Gold in Michelin Challenge Bibendnum

All-electric ZENN Microcar wins gold medal in Urban Vehicle category.

Published: 23-Jun-2006

Paris, June 14, 2006 - Feel Good Cars' 2006 ZENN™ (Zero-Emission, No-Noise) all-electric vehicle has won the Challenge Bibendum gold medal in the Urban Vehicle category.

"I speak for all of Feel Good Cars when I say that we are truly proud to have won this prestigious award. It reinforces our belief that the ZENN is the ideal vehicle for urban commuters who want to help the environment and save money," said Ian Clifford, CEO of Feel Good Cars. "It shows that solutions to urban pollution and congestion are here now. The ZENN is not a concept vehicle, but is available today," Mr. Clifford added.

The ZENN that was entered in the 2006 Challenge Bibendum was produced as a joint effort of Feel Good Cars and its French manufacturing partner MICROCAR S.A., with the engineering support of the Quebec Advanced Transportation Institute (ITAQ).

The Challenge Bibendum ( is internationally recognized as the premier event in the promotion of sustainable road mobility. The event sets out to embrace all aspects of sustainable road mobility; mobility which meets human needs and strives to achieve a harmonious compromise between technical, environmental and societal needs.

The performance of the Urban Vehicle class was analyzed by means of technical tests, defined by an International Technical Committee (made up of road transport specialists: industrialists, academics, media) and carried out by organizations of unquestionable competence and neutrality.

The ZENN performed exceptionally well in all categories including acceleration, braking, power consumption and noise level.

The ZENN is available for sale through Feel Good cars’ dealer network in the United States and Latin America with further territories under development.

It is Feel Good Cars' vision to become the worldwide leader in the electric vehicle industry.

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