Ottawa Light Rail Gets Green Light

The proposed route is 29.4 kilometres long and supported by 22 electrified LRT vehicles, along with 23 stations and three new park-and-ride facilities.

Published: 13-Jul-2006

In the end, it wasn't even close. For all the sound and fury that accompanied the debate over Ottawa's LRT system, the final vote was almost an anti-climax.

Councillors voted 14-7 in favour of the project. Mayor Bob Chiarelli, who has cast the project as his legacy, also supported awarding the contract to a consortium led by Siemens. City staff will now work out the final details of the contract, which should be signed by mid-September.

Construction is set to begin this fall, and the first trains should be rolling along the tracks by 2010.


The last Paris tram ground to a halt 60 years ago. Now a new tram line is being introduced with lots of fanfare. France hopes this return to the past will ring in a new era of urban mobility. The tram is quiet, fast and comfortable -- a perfect remedy for traffic jams.


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