U.S. 'On Track' with Hydrogen Research Targets

More time to experiment sought, not necessarily money. Pictured is Ford hydrogen-fueled, internal combustion engine shuttle van.

Published: 19-Jul-2006

WASHINGTON - The partnership between the government, the auto industry and energy companies to develop a hydrogen economy is making progress but still faces challenges to meet its goals, a Bush administration official said Monday.

Energy Undersecretary David Garman told a Senate panel that the partnerships to develop hydrogen are "on track" to meet technical goals within the next nine years and to have hydrogen fuel cell vehicles in showrooms by 2020.

Researchers have reduced the high-volume cost of automotive fuel cells from $275 per kilowatt in 2002 to $110 per kilowatt in 2005 and lessened the cost of producing hydrogen from natural gas.


LA couple lease Honda FCX fuel cell car in a grandiose experiment to demonstrate feasibility of the technology, except the local fire department won't let them use the hydrogen home refueling station Honda installed.

The eP-Ice Bear ice resurfacer is ideal for indoor use due to its zero-emissions powertrain that produces only water as a byproduct.

Controlled Hydrogen Fleet and Infrastructure Demonstration and Validation Project will include two other field test sites in California.


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