Sucker for a Segway

My eyes have been opened to the wonders of scooter-dom, and I will no longer be snickering at the cops for riding their Segways.

Published: 25-Jul-2006

When I first saw the cop wheeling around the street on his Segway, I could only think of one thing: Arrested Development. If you’ve never seen the show, you should. It’s hilarious. It also stars Gob (pronounced "Jobe"), a ridiculous magician who rides around on his equally ridiculous gyroscopic scooter.

Hence, I couldn’t help but laugh at the Norfolk Police Department officer. What, are the police too lazy to walk now?, I thought. Must they spend a ton of money on new equipment simply so they can glide à la Gob? I had to find out what all this Segway mess was about.

I went straight to the source: Segway of Hampton Roads, the Seven Cities’ very own dealership on Shore Drive in Virginia Beach. Co-owner Mark Landers was more than enthusiastic about the scooters formerly known as "Ginger." He extolled their virtues —not only do police utilize them, but so do airport security and bomb squads. They are used for advertising at festivals, on golf courses and in warehouses, and the bouncer at Kokomo’s is even planning to use one to patrol its outdoor bar area. As he praised the many uses of the Segway, I marveled at the abundance of laziness.


The redesigned i2 scooter allows the rider to steer by leaning to the right or left, rather than by turning the handlebars. It also features a wireless electric key and alarm system.


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