First Twin-Engine Diesel GA Aircraft Is Fuel Thrifty

The Mercedes-Benz powered plane burns 12.5 gallons per hour at its maximum cruise speed of about 170 knots per hour, or at 80 percent power, but can be leaned out to burn just 9.5 gallons per hour at 170 knots, where most twins average about 32 gallons per hour.

Published: 18-Aug-2006

SALEM - "It's just a very modern aircraft in every respect," said Ron Corbi, president of Corbi Aircraft Sales, Inc., of the Diamond Aircraft Twin Star.

Corbi Aircraft, located at the Salem Airpark on state Route 45 north of Salem, was selected as one of the newest dealers in the country for Diamond Aircraft's complete line of aircraft and had a product rollout featuring the new DA-42 Twin Star, twin diesel-engine four-seater Wednesday morning.

The Twin Star is one of three highly fuel efficent planes made by Diamond Aircraft including the single-engine DA20 Eclipse and the DA40 Diamond Star, which were part of the rollout.


Technology allows diesels to meet toughest upcoming emissions rules; automakers' hybrid alliances show lack of belief in gas-electric future.

Mercedes-Benz confirmed that it will introduce five diesel models beginning this fall. Honda, BMW, Nissan and the Chrysler group each confirmed plans to add diesels to their lineups over the next three to four years. Photo: Mercedes E-320 BlueTec diesel.

With over seven million of its world-famous HDi diesel engines under its belt, PSA-Peugeot-Citroen is considered the foremost authority on diesel technology,


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