Toyota Defends Prius in UK

Carmaker Toyota has been quick to respond to critical remarks about its Prius hybrid model in the latest edition of What Car? magazine.

Published: 21-Aug-2006

Carmaker Toyota has been quick to respond to critical remarks about its Prius hybrid model in the latest edition of What Car? magazine.

Toyota goes so far as to say "What Car? has a feature which is extraordinarily misleading. It claims to be an investigation into why car drivers might fail to achieve the official fuel consumption figures quoted by manufacturers.

"The simple and obvious truth is that everyone drives differently over different types of road. No two people will get exactly the same results, let alone everyone match the official figures.

"But according to What Car? it is a £192 million rip-off, intimating that car makers are deliberately misleading car buyers.

"The reality, as What Car? know, is that all cars are subjected to exactly the same test so that comparative data can be obtained. Further, by law car makers must publish this and only this data. It is of real value to the consumer as it allows many different cars to be compared, enabling an informed choice to be made. It is scientific and repeatable.

"What the figures are not are manufacturer claims. If they were, Toyota could, for example, claim 90mpg for the Aygo diesel based on the result achieved by one of our Fleet customers at the GreenFleet Fuel Challenge earlier this year. Toyota quotes - not claims - the official figure of 83.1mpg."

Toyota finishes with a ringing endorsement of the Prius: "The truth, the good consumer advice What Car? failed to give, is that high efficiency cars, such as modern diesels and hybrids like the Toyota Prius, can return what at first appears to be a larger shortfall in real mpg, but are in fact subject to the same level of discrepancy between the quoted and the actual figures as any other car.

"The results achieved by the current EU fuel consumption testing system may not be ideal, but in the absence of a better alternative it offers the consumer information to help them compare one car with another. It is a shame What Car? chose largely to ignore that in the chase for a sensationalistic headline."

It looks like it will be a while before What Car? is getting any more long term test cars from the Toyota press fleet...


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