Call For Tenders - European Solar Prizes 2006

Awards include innovations in the use of solar energy in transportation.

Published: 29-Aug-2006

EUROSOLAR awards the National and the European Solar Prizes to municipalities, municipally owned entities, individuals, engineers, architects, owners of installations using Renewable Energies and to organizations who rendered an outstanding service to the application of Renewable Energies. Awarding the National and European Solar Prizes in 2006 - as in the years before - has the purpose to widely spread the matter of Renewable Energies. Exceptional innovative projects and initiatives for the use of Renewable Energies are honoured in various categories. The call for tenders for the European Solar Prizes by the national EUROSOLAR sections is running simultaneously in several European countries. The prizes are awarded by EUROSOLAR in assocuation with the KfW banking group. The winners of the European Solar Prizes will be chosen among the applicants for the National Solar Prizes.

The public invitation to tender and the award of the Solar Prize relate to the following categories:

- cities, municipalities or municipal services
- industrial, commercial or agricultural operations
- owners or users of installations utilizing Renewable Energies
- local or regional associations promoting projects for Renewable Energies
- solar architecture
- media award: to a journalist, author or a medium for reports or demonstrations on Renewable Energies
- transport systems with Renewable Energies
- education
- special award for extraordinary individual commitment

As of immediately project suggestions may be submitted in two copies to the EUROSOLAR offices in Bonn (download the application form on the EUROSOLAR homepage). Crucial to the application is a brief summary referencing the most important facts of the project on not more than half an A4-page. Everybody may nominate a person, institution, her/himself or own projects for the prize award. The project descriptions should be concise and make the importance of Renewable Energies clearly visible.

Any application or proposal must be received at the EUROSOLAR offices in Bonn not later than July 31, 2006 (deadline). A jury appointed by EUROSOLAR will select the prize winners.

The winners of the National Solar Prizes will be presented to the public first. The award winners of the European Solar Prizes 2006 will subsequently be selected among all participating countries. EUROSOLAR is not liable for any documents sent in. Submitting the application documents shall not constitute any legal title or claim, e. g. as to their return.

Please send your application to:

Kaiser-Friedrich-Str. 11
53113 Bonn
Fax (0)228 - 36 12 79 or - 36 12 13,

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