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Suzuki Unveils Fuel Cell-powered Wheelchair

New Seniorcar Mio wheelchair is capable of travelling 40km on 4 litres of methanol.

Published: 29-Sep-2006

Suzuki Motor has developed a prototype wheelchair which is powered by methanol fuel cells, according to Japanese media reports.

Kyodo News carried details of the new Seniorcar Mio wheelchair, which is capable of travelling 40km.

Running on 4 litres of methanol, the cartridges which contain the liquid are designed to be easily replaceable.

Cited on FuelCellWorks, the reports reveal the wheelchair requires no electric charge, simply using the reaction between oxygen and methanol to generate power.

Suzuki, which will unveil the model at the Tokyo Big Sight exhibition centre, said it is currently evaluating the market potential for the Mio.


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