Auto Week Test Drives 2008 Honda FCX

Behind the wheel of the Honda FCX hydrogen-powered car is both monumental and a non-event.

Published: 24-Oct-2006

Get in Honda's FCX sedan, go for a ride and as you would expect from any Honda product, there is little drama: Put your foot to the drive-by-wire throttle pedal and off you go. It zips to 100 miles per hour, and it stops just as well. FCX gets a reported 270 miles on a full tank. There is sufficient room in back for two large adults, and its lines are almost avant-garde.

We expect this of a mainstream Honda sedan. Throw in that the FCX is hydrogen powered and filled by a “pump” hooked to your house’s natural gas supply, and even casual observers realize this so-called lack of drama is itself dramatic.

The FCX is a working hydrogen-powered prototype that will be on sale to consumers in 2008, launching a year earlier than anticipated. Corporately, Honda also has a plan to address the cumbersome question of how to build a hydrogen infrastructure, but more on that later.


LA couple lease Honda FCX fuel cell car in a grandiose experiment to demonstrate feasibility of the technology, except the local fire department won't let them use the hydrogen home refueling station Honda installed.

The eP-Ice Bear ice resurfacer is ideal for indoor use due to its zero-emissions powertrain that produces only water as a byproduct.

Controlled Hydrogen Fleet and Infrastructure Demonstration and Validation Project will include two other field test sites in California.


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