Zytek's Plug-In Hybrid System Offers Dual-Mode Capability

The vehicle's 288V lithium-ion battery, developed by Lithium Technology, can be charged by either the internal combustion engine, by using regenerative braking or by being plugged in and topped up overnight using off-peak power.

Published: 13-Dec-2006

In line with the chancellor's low-carbon aspirations announced in his pre-Budget report, a UK-made diesel/electric engine that is claimed to provide all the functionality of existing systems at a fraction of the cost could be set to help hybrid cars fall in price.

Developed by Zytek, the Midlands firm behind the A1 Grand Prix engine, the hybrid engine has been developed in response to the government's Ultra Low Carbon Car (ULCC) initiative, an effort to stimulate car makers to produce affordable, low-emission family vehicles.

This £10m initiative, launched in 2003, threw down the gauntlet for manufacturers to develop a prototype family car, capable of 0-60mph (100kph) in 16 seconds and produce CO2 emissions of less than 100g/km.


Toyota Yaris made it on to this year's list as most efficient gasoline-powered subcompact, at 6.9 litres per 100 kilometres in the city, and 5.5 on the highway.

Cleaner air and 1 mpg better -- and that's a whole lot better --: The bus that's as clean as 18 Priuses.

Mitsubishi, Toyota and Subaru plan to debut gasoline-electric vehicles, including new Camry Hybrid


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