Canada Environment Minister Says No to Carbon Tax, International Trading

But Baird said he is moving toward a carbon trading market in Canada.

Published: 09-Feb-2007

Environment Minister John Baird has dismissed the idea of a carbon tax or international carbon trading market as ways of dealing with greenhouse gas emissions in Canada.

Sporting what has become his familiar green tie, Baird appeared Thursday before the House of Commons committee studying the government's proposed clean air act.

Environment Minister John Baird appeared before a Commons committee in Ottawa on Thursday.
CBC Baird told the committee the federal government has set short-term targets to regulate air pollutants and greenhouse gases emissions in all industry by 2010.


A study of Europe's car producers found that the industry managed to cut the CO2 output of new cars by 1 per cent last year - less than a quarter of the rate required to meet its own promise to cut emissions by 25 per cent in a decade. PHOTO: 2006 Ford Galaxy European minivan.

A national Low Carbon Fuel Standard would reduce greenhouse gas emissions and America's dependence on foreign oil without requiring new government spending.


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