Oscar's Golden Patina Turns Green

GM showed hybrid and fuel cell models, along with vehicles that can run on E85, a mix of gasoline and ethanol. Pictured is Katherine Heigl leading Chevy Volt plug-in hybrid down runway. Other GM vehicles included less fuel-efficient Escalade and Hummer2.

Published: 25-Feb-2007

Don't adjust your television if you think the Academy Awards festivities in Tinseltown this week are looking greener than usual.

Environmentally friendly vehicles and their influence on global warming and America's oil dependency are hot topics this year on the red carpet.

Indeed, in a first for Ford Motor Co., one star will get the bragging rights to the most exclusive and exotic ride to Sunday's Oscars ceremony -- a Ford Edge crossover that has both plug-in electric power and a hydrogen fuel cell.


Some owners say gas-electric hybrids like this Lexus RX400h fall short of their mileage promises.

Quiet city driving contrasts with noisy highway climbs in this review of Ford's second gasoline-electric hybrid SUV.

A five-passenger Mariner Hybrid, which uses a four-cylinder engine mated to an electric motor, starts at $29,840, including delivery charge. That's nearly $6,100 more than a base four-cylinder-powered, gas-only Mariner with four-wheel drive.


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