MB E320 Bluetec is Best Diesel Car Californians Can't Buy

The Bluetec E-class gets 26 miles per gallon city/37 mpg highway, an astonishing 45 percent better fuel economy than the gas-powered E350.

Published: 05-Mar-2007

Generally speaking, Californians are pretty lucky. We have Yosemite, we have Big Sur. Our state leads the nation in Anna Nicole baby-daddies.

And we have the California Air Resources Board, a bunch of bureaucratic do-gooders who actually do good when they're not screwing up royally. Thanks to the air board, California and four Northeastern states that just have to copy the cool kids, have adopted the EPA's Tier II, Bin 5 emission standard two years before the rest of the country, which just adopted the less strict though still formidable Bin 8 standard.

Consequently, Californians will not be able to buy our test car, the 2007 Mercedes-Benz E320 Bluetec, the only legal diesel passenger car sold in the United States this model year. This is despite the facts that:


Parts of five London boroughs including Camden, City of London and Westminster exceed EU air pollution limits by up to 50 per cent. Map courtesy of Autocar.

1.9-liter direct-injected, turbocharged diesel engine averaged 6.1 L/100km (38.5 mpg) compared to CTS 2.8L American-made Caddy that consumed 11.7 L/100km (20.1 mpg)

The Mercedes-Benz powered plane burns 12.5 gallons per hour at its maximum cruise speed of about 170 knots per hour, or at 80 percent power, but can be leaned out to burn just 9.5 gallons per hour at 170 knots, where most twins average about 32 gallons per hour.


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