Unveiling the Electric SUT with the Begleys

Ecorazzi's take on the Phoenix Motorcars premier at the Petersen Automotive Museum.

Published: 05-Mar-2007

Ecorazzi headed over to the Peterson Auto Museum in Los Angeles yesterday to watch the unveiling of Phoenix Motorcar’s new Sport Utility Truck. We ate hors d’ ouevres, checked out a cool car, and definitely chatted it up with a few celebs on the green carpet.

Of course we spoke with one of our faves, Ed Begley Jr., who was co-hosting the event. "Ecorazzi! We love you!" Says Begley. He was super excited to be introducing the latest and greatest electric vehicle to the world, "I’ve been driving electric cars since the 1970’s but they were slow back then, they weren’t that safe back then, didn’t go that far back then, they’ve come along way. They were nothing like what we have today with this pickup truck, it goes 90 mph, it’s fast, big cargo truck, seats five. It’s a terrific car, and the batteries will be lasting a long time, maybe even longer than the car!"

Begley’s wife, Rachelle Carson, talked a little eco-fashion: "I’m carrying a vegan purse, and I didn’t have to sacrifice style. I was going to wear a bamboo dress, but I just couldn’t get the rest of the outfit together." Rachel sported her Helen and Riegle vegan purse with a sleek black suit, and an "activist chic" camouflage tank with a rhinestone peace sign.


There are about 30 members in the Florida chapter, and many own several of the vehicles.

Brent's Quadbrid tow-car and electro-dragster is the world's first fully sustainable race outfit. Photo courtesy of Las Vegas Electric Vehicle Association

Mister Wright's car burns no petroleum, does O-to-60 in 3 seconds and can best a Ferrari.


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