Lexus Hybrid Sends Wrong Eco-Message in Scotland

The Lexus GS 450h has a 3.5 litre engine compared to the Volvo's 2.4 litre, and produces 186 g/km of carbon dioxide, compared to 184 g/km by the Volvo.

Published: 08-Jun-2007

ALEX Salmond's attempts to boost the Scottish Executive's green credentials backfired yesterday as it emerged that the hybrid cars he is trialling are more polluting than those they could replace.

The First Minister and his colleagues are to test-drive two electric-petrol Lexus GS 450h saloons as possible successors to their current LPG-fuelled Volvo S80 SE cars.

Hybrid cars are seen as greener because they are powered by batteries at low speeds and petrol at higher speeds.


The new Estima Hybrid features the THS II, optimized for use on a minivan, though there is still no decision on whether or not it will be available in North America.

A mixed-cycle fuel consumption of nearly 70 mpg (UK) means a gain of some 30 percent compared to the standard HDi model.

Shuttle service operator, First has been testing the latest electro-diesel hybrid engine on services linking Manchester's rail stations, shopping and business areas. First shuttle bus photo courtesy of British Bus Models.


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