Peugeot Revs Up Launch of 70 MPG Diesel Hybrid

The Peugeot diesel hybrid promises to average better than 70mpg and have the lowest carbon-dioxide emissions of any car other than a pure electric.

Published: 10-Jun-2007

PEUGEOT plans to be the first manufacturer to offer a small family car with a diesel-electric hybrid power unit. It will be a version of the new 308, revealed last week, and will be on sale before the end of the decade.

EU carmakers have watched the success of petrol-electric hybrids from Toyota and Honda but claim their diesel-engined cars deliver better fuel consumption and produce less carbon dioxide. But diesel cars are unpopular in some countries, notably America. In Britain, hybrids qualify as alternative-fuel vehicles for low car tax and exemption from the London congestion charge, while diesels do not.

Peugeot does not sell in America, but sees an increasing trend for hybrids in Europe and elsewhere. Toyota sold more than 22,000 Prius cars in Europe last year, 5,000 of them in the UK.


The new Estima Hybrid features the THS II, optimized for use on a minivan, though there is still no decision on whether or not it will be available in North America.

A mixed-cycle fuel consumption of nearly 70 mpg (UK) means a gain of some 30 percent compared to the standard HDi model.

Shuttle service operator, First has been testing the latest electro-diesel hybrid engine on services linking Manchester's rail stations, shopping and business areas. First shuttle bus photo courtesy of British Bus Models.


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