Chrysler Unveils Green Technology as Part of $3 Billion Initiatives

Chrysler intends to focus its gas-electric hybrid system on SUVs, though it is not ruling out cars in the future. Pictured is Two-Mode hybrid transmission co-developed with GM and BMW.

Published: 24-Jun-2007

Chrysler Group unveiled an array of technologies to improve the fuel economy of its Chrysler, Jeep and Dodge brands as part of its $3 billion investment in engines, transmission and powertrain components.

Frank Klegon, vice president of product development, announced the initiatives Thursday at Chrysler's Proving Grounds during a media preview of its 2008 model lineup. Most of the information about the vehicles is embargoed.

Chrysler's initiative comes as lawmakers in Washington wrangle over how high to raise the fuel economy standards -- known as Corporate Average Fuel Economy -- of the nation's cars and trucks.


Canter Eco Hybrid features top fuel efficiency and will be the first light-duty truck to meet Japan's stringent, new long term emissions regulations. Canter diesel-hybrid pictured.

Automaker must have hybrids despite expense and doubtful benefit - GM 'product czar'

Packing 260 hp (191 kW) from the 2.0-liter turbo BioPower engine and a total of 148 kW from its three electric motors, the Saab BioPower Hybrid Concept provides significantly greater torque than its gasoline-only equivalent.


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