Volvo to Display Plug-in ReCharge Concept Car in Tokyo

The ReCharge is able to drive 100 km on battery power alone before the 1,6-litre four-cylinder FlexiFuel engine takes over, powering the car and recharging the battery.

Published: 12-Oct-2007

Volvo cars will continue in the quest for a greener earth, with its display of the Volvo Recharge concept car at the Tokyo Motor Show. Safety will also be in the limelight, as well as preventative safety systems such as AlcoGuard that prevents driving under the influence of alcohol.

Volvo’s message for its Tokyo programme speaks of environmentally friendly cars and engines. The Swede manufacturer already offers five different models that run on Flexifuel engines, forming part of the Flexifuel programme in Sweden for environmentally clean transport now and in the near future.

Volvo’s long-term vision includes making a substantial contribution to the drive for clean energy, and on hand at Tokyo will be the president of Volvo Car Corporation Fredrik Arp and design director Steve Mattin, who will elaborate on going clean and green. Volvo will also have various members of the Volvo Cars management team and experts talking on the topics of safety, as well as having an environmental car available for the media to tear into.


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