Green MEPs Criticize EU Hydrogen Plan

The Commission's two new proposals to spur development of these alternative-fuel vehicles are deemed to be the wrong answer by Green Party ministers.

Published: 12-Oct-2007

The European Commission has unveiled two proposals which it hopes will mark a step forward in the development and marketing of clean and safe hydrogen vehicles.

The first proposal is to simplify the rules for approving hydrogen vehicles and make sure there are uniform standards throughout the EU.

This would replace the complex and costly national approval procedures and ensure that hydrogen vehicles are at least as safe as conventional vehicles.


Behind the wheel of the Honda FCX hydrogen-powered car is both monumental and a non-event.

Technology Review's David Talbort drives the new BMW Hydrogen 7 sedan and finds it an impressive engineering achievement, but concludes that the jury is still out on how environmentally-responsible it is.

All-new fuel cell powered Explorer can travel 350 miles on a single fill-up, more than any fuel cell vehicle on the road.


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