Valence Debuts Large-format Lithium Ion Batteries

The phosphate-based Epoch batteries are equipped with an advanced management system that will monitor and adjust cell performance.

Published: 30-Nov-2007

AUSTIN, Texas--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Nov. 30, 2007--This weekend, thousands of the world's experts, developers and enthusiasts in the electric transportation industry will be the first to see Valence Technology, Inc. (Nasdaq: VLNC) unveil the next era of large-format, lithium-ion battery technology at The International Electric Vehicle Symposium and Exposition (EVS-23) starting Sunday at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, Calif.

Branded Epoch(TM), Valence believes its new generation of phosphate-based lithium-ion battery systems will move the electric vehicle industry one step closer to the Holy Grail -- finding a battery solution that is safe, intelligent, lasts longer and weighs less than outdated technologies being used today. Epoch batteries are equipped with an advanced management system that will monitor and adjust cell performance so battery packs will always operate at their optimum performance capacity. Epoch batteries present a safe, powerful and reliable energy solution designed to be low maintenance, cost competitive and environmentally friendly.

"By definition, 'epoch' means a period marked by radical changes and new developments," said Robert L. Kanode, president and CEO of Valence. "That was our goal with this new suite of products -- to provide the industry with a new level of power storage that changes the way customers approach the design and deployment of electric powered vehicles. Moreover, we wanted the Epoch brand to be more than a concept, so we made sure Valence had the sourcing capability, manufacturing capacity and start-to-finish infrastructure to produce systems now and in the future in commercial quantities.

"We believe the Epoch brand of battery systems will serve as the cornerstone of an era when lithium-ion battery chemistry used for large-format transportation and other motive and back-up storage applications is efficient, safe, reliable, powerful and widely-used," continued Kanode. "As potential new clients see the benefits of Epoch brand-equipped delivery fleets, Valence could well set the standard for EV fleet vehicles in several European markets during 2008 and we would hope to see the same type of market traction and excitement in U.S. markets in the near future."

The Epoch brand of customizable battery packs will be available in 12.8 volt and 19.2 volt modules and will allow users scalability up to 390 KWh. Additional Epoch battery system benefits include a fail soft capability that will eliminate system failure and a life cycle comprised of more than 2000 charge cycles. Epoch branded battery products will also provide users a "green" alternative to environmentally contaminating lead-acid batteries.

The Epoch brand of batteries makes its debut Sunday at EVS-23, the world's largest electric drive industry event that annually attracts more than 100 exhibitors and thousands of attendees. Valence will be showcasing its Epoch brand of batteries December 2-5 at Exhibit Area #657.

About Valence Technology, Inc.

Valence Technology developed and markets the industry's first commercially available, safe, large-format family of lithium phosphate rechargeable batteries. Valence Technology holds an extensive, worldwide portfolio of issued and pending patents relating to its lithium phosphate rechargeable batteries. The company has its headquarters in Austin, Texas, and facilities in Las Vegas, Nevada, Mallusk, Northern Ireland and Suzhou, China. Valence is traded on the Nasdaq Capital Markets under the ticker symbol VLNC and can be found on the internet at

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Biggest drawback is cost at $2,500USD per kilowatt, about 10% above cost of coal fired plant.

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