ACE Formula Hybrid Team Ready to Race

The completed open wheel car which runs on the electric system and backed up by the Yamaha motorcycle engine.

Published: 05-Feb-2008

After a month of intensive work from just a few team members, the ACE (IIT) Formula Hybrid has rolled out the hybrid open-wheel racing car. After many hours of work a day last week, some students handling both pre-IPRO day work and car building, managed to fit in all the components to the car according to the specifications of the SAE rules. It was tested and run on IPRO day in front of Siegel Hall. Towards the end of this project, the number of students contributing to the project had dwindled and only a handful contributed to the team. These students had spent in excess of 20 hours a week in the SAE garage. They forfeited some of their classes, managed their projects on the sidelines and built the car.

The result: a completed car which runs on the electric system and backed up by the gasoline engine. The gasoline engine is a dirt-bike engine from a brand new Yamaha bike. The electrical engine, motor and other components were brought from different vendors. What more, the team’s work had been covered in Chicago’s ABC 7 news last week and the video can be found on YouTube.

The team’s work will be tested at the racing competition in Loudon, New Hampshire this week from May 1st to May 3rd. The competition is being organized by the national chapters of SAE and IEEE. The New Hampshire International Speedway is the venue for the tests of these hybrid race cars. Each team has to go through 3 different competitions or tests. They are divided into static events and dynamic events. There is a presentation and design event also in which the team presents the work they have done though out the year to the judges and officials. These are part of the static events. The dynamic events include an acceleration test, an Autocross and an endurance/efficiency race. A total of 1000 points is possible; 300 for the static events and 700 for the dynamic events.

Even though the car is not the best by any means, due to the lack of adequate funding, it is a worthy attempt for participating and maybe winning one of the competitions. The team aims to gain experience of participating in the competition the first year and also make the best of the opportunity they have. For more updates and results, take a look at the team’s website: . If you are more of a videos-only person, check Youtube for team’s videos on their progress in New Hampshire. The sponsors for the ACE TEAM are Armour College of Engineering, Dr Emadi’s Research labs, and IIT’s Communication and Marketing Department. There are also other sponsors in-kind.

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