Fisker Reveals Plug-in Hybrid Convertible

Two-door, 2+2 convertible will utilize lithium-ion, plug-in hybrid drive and be available in 2009.

Published: 13-Feb-2008

A sedan infinitely compatiable with conversion to two doors, it's no surprise that Fisker are to introduce convertible and assumedly coupe variants of their Detroit-debuted Karma hybrid. Unveiling the first 'top secret' photo of the new two-door project at the J.D. Power Roundtable in San Francisco, Henrik Fisker announced that the new model, at present an unnamed four-seater two-door convertible, would join the Karma from late 2009.

The Convertible model will be based on the Karma platform, utilising its lithium-ion plug-in hybrid setup. It is likely to pre-empt a two-door coupe version following market penetration of both sedan and convertible variants. Here's to hoping it's called the Ch'i.

The Karma sedan was unveiled earlier this year in Detroit, ushering in a four-door luxury sedan that brought eco-friendliness to a new plain. It features a solar panel sunroof, regenerative braking and a 50 mile range, while particular attention has been paid to driving dynamics by way of weight distribution, lightweight materials and a powertrain capable of beyond 125 mph.


Concept car may sport unusual air intakes since 'a hybrid battery needs a lot of cooling.'

This specially badged Camry Hybrid comes with features exclusive only to the 50th Anniversary Edition.

GM showed hybrid and fuel cell models, along with vehicles that can run on E85, a mix of gasoline and ethanol. Pictured is Katherine Heigl leading Chevy Volt plug-in hybrid down runway. Other GM vehicles included less fuel-efficient Escalade and Hummer2.


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