2008 Mercury Mariner Hybrid Offers Impressive Fuel Economy

The Mercury Mariner Hybrid has a base price of $27,620 for the front-wheel drive model and $29,370 for the four-wheel drive model. EPA city/highway fuel economy estimates ring in at 34/30 mpg and 29/27 mpg respectively.

Published: 23-Feb-2008

The 2008 Mercury Mariner Hybrid gives small SUV buyers the same versatility as a non-hybrid variant, but with much improved fuel economy and a significantly lower impact on the environment.

For example, a front-wheel drive, four-cylinder powered non-hybrid Mariner gets a combined 22 mpg. Its hybrid counterpart delivers an impressive combined 32 mpg. As a result, the hybrid version will average slightly more than 100 miles extra driving on a tank of fuel.

There’s more. According to the EPA’s Air Pollution Score, the Mariner Hybrid scored an “8” on a scale of 0 – 10 (“10” being the best) while the non-hybrid Mariner scored a “6.”


GM showed hybrid and fuel cell models, along with vehicles that can run on E85, a mix of gasoline and ethanol. Pictured is Katherine Heigl leading Chevy Volt plug-in hybrid down runway. Other GM vehicles included less fuel-efficient Escalade and Hummer2.

The Small Hybrid Sports Concept is conceived around a front-wheel drive, small car platform and is powered by a Honda IMA 4-cylinder petrol/electric hybrid system driving through a CVT transmission.

Hybrid X has been created and developed by Toyota's European styling centre, ED2, in the south of France


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