More Efficient Cars to Race at LeMans

Toyota plans to enter hybrid race car in 2010.

Published: 23-Feb-2008

With awareness of environmental issues heightening, automakers taking part in competitive racing are trying to compete using environmentally friendly vehicles, as evidenced by Toyota Motor Corp's plan to contest the Le Mans 24 Hours endurance race with a hybrid car.

In auto races, where speed is the priority, many engineers claim that highly fuel-efficient racing car engines are environmentally friendly.

If low fuel consumption and high power generation cannot be simultaneously achieved, a race car faces diminished prospects of victory because it has to increase its fuel supply.


GM showed hybrid and fuel cell models, along with vehicles that can run on E85, a mix of gasoline and ethanol. Pictured is Katherine Heigl leading Chevy Volt plug-in hybrid down runway. Other GM vehicles included less fuel-efficient Escalade and Hummer2.

The Small Hybrid Sports Concept is conceived around a front-wheel drive, small car platform and is powered by a Honda IMA 4-cylinder petrol/electric hybrid system driving through a CVT transmission.

Hybrid X has been created and developed by Toyota's European styling centre, ED2, in the south of France


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