Lumeneo Smera Electric Car Behaves Like Motorcycle

Production of the Smera will commence in 2009, and Lumeneo expects to produce 250 unit next year.

Published: 31-Mar-2008

Some cars that were presented at the Geneva Motor Show did not manage to be on the main pages as much as they deserved. One of the vehicles that fit perfectly under this description is the Lumeneo Smera. And this little electric car is not able to fit only on that, but also on the complicated traffic of almost any big city in the world. After all, it is as narrow as a motorbike and even leans on curves like one.

Created by Daniel and Thierry Moulène, Smera will be manufactured in France and no word has been said so far on the price, but it is very likely to be higher than the one paid for a smart fortwo. This is due to the fact that the two-seater is an all electric car, powered by lithium-ion batteries that account for only 80 kg of the total 350 kg it weighs.

The first Lumeneo is 2.45 m long, 1.45 m tall and, best of all, 0.80 m wide, what allows it to split lanes in countries where motorcycles are allowed to do so. In places where there this advantage does not exist, the wideness of the Smera is still useful for parking or more agility on traffic.


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