Rockefellers Go Public About Greening Exxon Mobil

Descendants of John D. Rockefeller content that the company's insular corporate culture hinders innovation and they encourage it to pursue innovations similar to its battery separator initiative.

Published: 04-May-2008

O'Neill, a great-greatgrandson of John D. Rockefeller, lauded the company's invention of battery components that may make hybrid gasoline-electric cars cheaper, lighter and safer, announced in November. He urged Exxon Mobil to pursue more such initiatives.
"If the next 20 years were going to be about oil and gas, we wouldn't be holding this press conference," O'Neill said.

The Rockefellers decided to take their concerns public after five years of what they said were fruitless efforts to contact Exxon Mobil's board, Goodwin said.

"We had hopes we wouldn't need to go public with it and we could effectively talk to the company in private," Goodwin said.


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