U.S. House Bill Could Breathe Life into High-Speed Rail

Pictured is computer 3D visualization of proposed San Francisco Transbay high-speed rail terminal. The House bill, approved 311-104, cites the Northeast corridor as one for which the Transportation Department might consider high-speed proposals, but the legislation adds that other projects might be considered as well.

Published: 28-Jun-2008

WASHINGTON -- The House on Wednesday boosted California's prospects for a high-speed passenger rail system that eventually could serve the San Joaquin Valley.

Expensive and ambitious, California's high-speed rail program is still in its infancy. But as part of a rail transportation bill with wide bipartisan appeal, the House included a $1.75 billion grant program designed to help high-speed rail get rolling nationwide.


The proposed Transbay Transit Center with its possible 1,200-foot tower, elevated public park the length of five football fields and room for high-speed trains someday linking California's major cities.

Rail travel produces more than a third less emissions than road transport. Pictured is yard switcher being converted by Rail Power to hybrid-fuel cell power.

Quebec-based Bombardier manufacturers high-speed electric trains.

The report proposes 560 kilometres of high-speed electric track, as well as shift to plug-in hybrid cars.


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