Bicycles Are Back in Fashion... Literally

At $3,400, the Gucci cycle is one of the eight exclusive accessories designed especially for the forthcoming Beijing Olympics.

Published: 14-Jul-2008

There was an episode in Friends where Ross tried — in vain — to teach Phoebe to ride a bicycle. Two of the sitcom's characters, Courtney Cox and Jennifer Aniston, were in the news recently when Cox gifted Aniston a bicycle.

Not just another bicycle, it was a Chanel worth $12,000 and came with a quilted leather seat and saddlebag inscribed with the famous Chanel logo.

Only 50 Chanel cycles have been created all over the world, a reason why each comes with a Chanel certificate too. And since fashion is the mainstay of the brand, the cycle even has jewelled pant clips for preventing trousers from getting caught in the chain.


Intended for the International Bicycle Design Competition a half dozen shape-shifting bicycle meet the demands of close-in urban commuting. Computer illustration is of Everglide bike.

The plan is to have 1,200 LEVs available for rent at 250 stations in a first phase, and 10 times that many in a second phase. Pictured is Ultra Motors A2B electric bicycle.

George Georgiev's Varna Diablo human-powered racer

Whether its a conventional bike, a recumbent or a velomobile, electric-assist can make cycling an alternative to motoring.


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