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Studies have shown that roughly half of golf cart injuries occur on streets or residential property, and injury rates are on the rise - to the tune of 12,000 annually.

Published: 07-Aug-2008

EV World Editor's Comment: FMVSS-class 'neighborhood electric vehicles' do incorporate safety features not typically found on conventional golf cars including seat belts, auto safety glass, headlamps and turn signals.

ST. LOUIS (AP) -- With two GEO Trackers, a Lexus and a pickup truck, retired coal miner Bob Woll has many ways to zip around his southern Illinois town to visit friends, the fairgrounds or the frozen custard stand. These days, he prefers his electric golf cart.

"There's no noise, no checking the oil or how much gas you've got. You just get on and go," said Woll, a 67-year-old alderman in Sesser, Ill., who helped pass an ordinance permitting golf carts to ride on the streets.


Ray Lane, managing partner of venture-capital firm Kleiner Perkins, Caufield and Byers, which has invested in Think, believes Think could eventually sell as many as 30,000 to 50,000 City cars a year.

The production electric vehicle to be introduced in 2010 will have a unique bodystyle and is not based on any existing Nissan model, unlike the technology 'mule' pictured above.

The 100-mile range electric car has been operating with Japanese power companies for the last two years.


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