GM's Volt Reveal Continues... Ahead of Schedule

GM inadvertently releases early a series of executive photos with views of the Volt in the background.

Published: 09-Sep-2008

If Motor Trend is correct, GM will finally "reveal all" of the Chevy Volt sometime during its centennial celebrations starting next week, September 16th. From the above photograph with Vice Chairman Bob Lutz, we see a bit more of what the pre-production model is going to look like. Other photos with various program executives also reveal more of the car, so what this space for those.

GM is counting on this car, and more importantly, its underlying E-Flex Fuel technology to both improve its corporate image and reverse its sagging economic fortunes of late.

A quick refresher if you're unfamiliar with E-Flex. The Volt incorporates a 16 kilowatt lithium ion battery pack that will propel the car for upwards of 40 miles, at which point, an internal combustion engine will fire up, start the generator spinning and begin recharging the battery pack, as well as supplying enough 'juice' to run the car. During that initial 40 miles, the cars 'fuel economy' is essentially infinite since the engine doesn't run. After 40 miles, when the engine does turn on, the fuel economy is promised to be somewhere around 50 mpg.


GM Co-chairman Bob Lutz with newly debuted Chevy Volt electric car

GM's Co-Chairman appears on Comedy Central's Colbert Report and runs into unexpected flak.

Bob Lutz answers press questions at 2009 NAIAS. Photo credit:

American buyers usually choose the largest vehicle they can afford from a fuel standpoint. Breaking that habit is difficult, said Bob Lutz.

GM Chairman Ed Whitacre spoke briefly at 10 July 2009 press conference.

Official company press release.


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