Exotic Hydrogen Sports Car Gets 'Green' AC System

The patented Procooler air conditioning system will be installed on all production models and operates more efficiently than traditional air conditioning systems

Published: 11-Sep-2008

AUSTIN, TX -- Ronn Motor Company, Inc. (PINKSHEETS: RNNM) announced today another innovative technology to be used by their eco-exotic supercar Scorpion(TM) and Scorpion HX(TM) models. The patented Procooler air conditioning system will be installed on all production models and operates more efficiently than traditional air conditioning systems found in standard production cars. Developed by Ronn Motor Company's pioneering Chief Executive Officer, Ronn Maxwell, the Procooler air conditioning system will offer Scorpion(TM) and Scorpion HX(TM) owners a wealth of improvements compared to standard air cooling systems.

The Procooler equipped air conditioning units in Ronn Motor Company's line of Scorpion(TM) and Scorpion HX(TM) automobiles will be able to operate at 75-100 pound per square inch (p.s.i.) less pressure on 90 to 100 degree days compared to the performance of standard air conditioning systems. Reduced pressure allows a horsepower savings on the eco-exotics, of five to seven horsepower, while operating this inventive air conditioning system. The Procooler is also able to function using 20% to 25% less refrigerant while producing colder vent temperatures especially at idle and slow moving traffic. Improved fuel mileage is another benefit gained through utilizing Ronn Motor Company's exclusive Procooler air system.

This reduction in R-134 refrigerant translates to a greener and more eco-friendly air conditioning system, in line with Ronn Motor Company's vision of creating an environmentally conscious solution to the high performance exotic car segment.

"When we initially developed the Scorpion(TM) and Scorpion HX(TM) models our goal was to produce a beautiful and blindingly fast exotic which could operate on substantially less fuel, due to the skyrocketing price of gas and its negative impact on our environment," commented Ronn Motor Company Chief Executive Officer Ronn Maxwell. "Standard air conditioning systems are consistently a real drain on fuel economy and we wanted to ensure the Scorpion(TM) and Scorpion HX(TM) models were imbued with components, such as the Procooler system, which would not only assist in saving fuel but also support our vision of creating an extremely environmentally friendly supercar."

The Procooler air conditioning system was initially used nearly exclusively in pre-1989 Porsche 911s, before becoming an aftermarket accessory produced by Rennaire, a company started by Ronn Motor Company Chief Executive Officer, and Procooler inventor, Ronn Maxwell, in 2005.

"Using the Procooler is part of Ronn Motor Company's total system approach to our automobile," states Ronn Motor Company Chief Operating Officer Damon Kuhn. "The Procooler is a prime example as it not only improves air conditioning system efficiency, but also allows us to enhance the Hydrogen on demand system by recapturing condensed water to replenish the hydrogen water reservoir."

Headquartered in Austin, Texas, Ronn Motor Company, Inc. is a design and manufacturing company focused on the leading edge engineering of environmentally friendly, finely built premium automobiles and technology. These technology systems include Hydrogen Fuel, Fuel cells, and Plug-in electrics will be incorporated into our automobiles and made available for aftermarket applications. Our products, coupled with RMC's core values of a strong sense of ethics, environmental sensitivity and premium quality, position the company as one of the new leaders in an automotive industry transitioning toward fuel efficiency. For more information, please visit

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