PHOTO CAPTION: EKO EV60 electric motor scooter from India

EKO to Begin Exports of Its Electric Scooter to USA

EV 60 would be priced between $1500 and and $1,800US and has a top speed of 35 mph.

Published: 13-Sep-2008

Bangalore-based EKO vehicle Pvt Ltd has received United States Department of Transport's approval to export its electric scooter EV 60 to the US market, a top company official said on Wednesday.

Company Chairman Anil Ananthakrishna said they would r EV 60, which would be priced between US Dollar 1500 and and 1,800. EKO had also set up warehouse infrastructure in Atlanta, he added.

"Getting the Department of Transport's approval is like a green-card. We can now export the two-wheelers to the US markets without any hurdle", Ananthakrishna said in Bangalore.


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