PHOTO CAPTION: GM's newest fuel economy fighter is the Cruze.

Bittersweet at 100

Analysts note that General Motors has made dramatic improvements in its vehicles over the last decade. Pictured is new small call, Chevy Cruze.

Published: 15-Sep-2008

As General Motors Corp. celebrates a bittersweet 100th anniversary on Tuesday, autoworkers at its plant in Arlington will be affixing Arabic labels to Chevy Tahoe SUVs. Odd as it may seem, the two are related.

Since late summer, when soaring gas prices decimated full-size sport utility sales in the U.S., as many as half of the 850 SUVs built daily in Arlington are shipped to booming markets in the Middle East – an irony even people outside GM can probably appreciate.

However, those markets exist today because GM established operations in Egypt and other major regions of the world 80 years ago.


Purportedly capable of hitting 0-to-60 in under 6 seconds, the plug-in hybrid Karma can hit 125 mph. The company hopes to sell 15,000 of the luxury electric cars annually.

Volvo C30 is plug-in hybrid concept that utilizes electric wheel motors.

The real problem we face - and in the US it's far worse, with car makers bleeding money - is that the car is unviable and has been for a long time, contends Larry Buttrose.

Opel badge.

Solar equipment manufacturer SolarWorld has placed €1 Billion bid for GM's Opel in Germany.


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