Promised 'Silver Bullets' Only Postpone Hard Energy Choices

Globe and Mail columnist Gwyn Morgan urges carmakers like GM to start working more closely with the folks who are going to provide the 'fuel' for their future cars.

Published: 15-Sep-2008

My Sept. 1 column about the TV ads touting cars fuelled by biofuel, batteries and hydrogen, run by General Motors during the Olympics, drew an incredible letter to the editor from GM's communications director Stew Low that was published on Sept. 6.

In his letter, Mr. Low states: "We can now make biofuels from garbage and old tires."

Well, who knew?!


Transit Connect delivers fuel economy estimated at 19 mpg city and 24 mpg highway.

With the adoption of a hybrid system composed of a hydrogen rotary engine combined with a motor, the output of the new vehicle is improved by 40% and the travel range when driving on hydrogen alone is extended to 200km.

A comparison of the major energy initiatives proposed by Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama and Republican presidential candidate John McCain


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