PHOTO CAPTION: Voltphreaks VP400 lithium ion starter battery is fraction the size of conventional lead acid battery

Voltphreaks Introduces Lith-ion Starter Battery for Racing

Designed to replace standard 12V lead-acid starter batteries, the Voltphreaks batteries weigh up to 80% less while providing the more cranking power.

Published: 19-Sep-2008

Los Angeles, CA -- New lithium motorsport batteries weigh 80% less than standard 12V lead-acid starter batteries. Voltphreaks ( has been selling lightweight racing batteries for motorsports for over a year and has just released their generation 2 model. Improvements over previous generation include over-temperature protection, over-charge protection, over-discharge protection, extreme vibration resistant design, and use of IP67 rated waterproof components.

Voltphreaks batteries weigh 4 to 16 pounds, versus a traditional lead-acid battery which weighs 20 to 40 pounds. Weight is one thing high-end racing teams are always trying to reduce. These batteries are designed with the current state of the art in lithium technology (LiFePO4 chemistry). Voltphreaks batteries can be mounted in any orientation, and can be installed in more places in the car.

Voltphreaks batteries are not just batteries, but a high-end energy storage system, complete with over-temperature, over-voltage, and over-discharge protection. Also contained inside is a complete cell balancing system that prevents the individual cells from going into an out of balance state. Extremely robust components, and IP67 rated parts, are used where possible. Batteries are designed for the high vibration environments typically encountered in motorsports.

For additional information on Voltphreaks lightweight racing batteries, contact lead engineer Tony Hwang or visit

About Voltphreaks LLC
Established in 2007 originally to develop an electric vehicle battery system, Voltphreaks designs and markets lightweight starter batteries for the high-end racing market.

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The phosphate-based Epoch batteries are equipped with an advanced management system that will monitor and adjust cell performance.

The battery system was developed by CSIRO in Australia, built by the Furukawa Battery Company of Japan and tested in the United Kingdom through the American-based Advanced Lead-Acid Battery Consortium.

The new batteries will make the GM Hybrid System nearly three times more powerful than the system it replaces. Pictured is 2009 Saturn Vue Green Line with Two-mode hybrid drive.


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