PHOTO CAPTION: Scottish police officers to use Vectrix electric motor scooter.

Lothian & Borders Police Deploy Vectrix Electric Motor Scooter

The Vectrix will be used for patrolling the Scottish Parliamentary areas and for transporting officers up to Police Headquarters in Central Edinburgh.

Published: 13-Oct-2008

Lothian & Borders Police have purchased a Vectrix electric maxi-scooter as the first electric vehicle to be procured by the force. Two or three officers will be trained to use the Vectrix which will directly replace a petrol patrol car covering 20 – 30 miles daily and will be used for patrolling the Scottish Parliamentary areas and for transporting officers up to Police Headquarters in Central Edinburgh.

There is a large proportion of pedestrians in and around the Parliament Buildings and the Vectrix will provide a safe yet more humanly interactive method of patrolling without inflicting noise or air pollution on the vicinity. Edinburgh is a hilly City and therefore an electric car would not have the power or range to withstand the undulating environment. The Vectrix however provides the performance, range and presence required by the Police to ensure the highest level of public service is delivered.

Dignan McCulloch, Fleet Manager, Lothian & Borders Police, said. “Organisations across the country are focussing on improving their Carbon Footprint, the implementation of the Vectrix as a direct replacement for a car is a substantial achievement and goes a long way in helping us to reduce our carbon output. The Vectrix is very easy to use and has excellent visibility, it looks the part and we are looking forward to putting the bike into service and exploring other opportunities for further implementing Vectrix bikes both at Edinburgh Airport and the Royal Infirmary.”

“Scottish organisations are really surging forward in their pursuit of environmental and cost effective forms of transportation”. Said Alex Bamberg, Managing Director, Vectrix UK Ltd. Lothian & Borders Police have identified key areas where the Vectrix can replace four wheel vehicles reducing both emissions and congestion within Edinburgh City Centre.”

Lothian and Borders Police were formed in 1975 by an amalgamation of Berwick, Roxburgh and Selkirk Constabulary, Edinburgh City Police and The Lothian's and Peebles Constabulary. They employ around 2600 police offers and 1100 support staff, which makes them the second largest force in Scotland.

In 2001 they become the first force in Scotland to be awarded Energy Efficiency Accreditation by the National Energy Foundation. The Force is committed to sustaining, protecting, enhancing and conserving the environment through its policies and activities and where possible through its influence on others.

Transport energy savings are encouraged by promoting diverse forms of transport such as walking, cycling, rail and bus and it aims to minimize vehicle use and promote alternatives through sourcing alternative fuel sources and reducing fuel consumption.

Lothian & Borders Police are the second police force in Scotland to invest in the Vectrix technology, Strathclyde Police already uses two Vectrix maxi-scooters to patrol BAA Glasgow Airport.

Inspector McIntyre astride new Vectric electric motor scooter

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