PHOTO CAPTION: Ford Escape Hybrid listed as top choice for families going green.

WAAI Finds Women More Inclined to Green Car Purchases

According to the Women's Automotive Association International the Chevy Volt generated the most enthusiasm among a panel of female automotive experts.

Published: 07-Nov-2008

Women are turning to more eco-friendly vehicles this fall, according to an automotive expert, as the range of models and features expands.

"Women are looking to be more green," says Jody DeVere, president of the Women's Automotive Association International. "Women are going to be looking for those models where they're going to help the environment and get the best fuel economy."

DeVere, who offers automotive advice for women on the website, says hybrids and fuel-cell vehicles are now the most desirable choice for women on the road. DeVere says manufacturers are changing gears and introducing more fuel-efficient vehicles to consumers in the wake of the summer's record high gas prices. "I think fuel economy is going to drive a lot of car buying decisions from now on," she said. "Vehicles getting over 30 miles per gallon are definitely going to be preferred in all classes."


Company rolls out plug-in Prius at Torrance operations, noting that in the electric-only mode total miles per gallon will far exceed the estimated 48 MPG enjoyed by the standard Prius.

Cadillac's new Escalade Hybrid should get up to 50 percent better fuel economy in the city and 20 percent better fuel economy on the highway.

Altima Hybrid is estimated to have a hybrid system net power rating of 198 horsepower (148 kW). EPA fuel economy is estimated at 35 mpg City and 33 mpg Highway.


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