Don't Bailout Auto Industry

If GM goes out of business, people don't immediately assume their Toyotas will stop running: cars will continue to be bought and sold, argues William Watson.

Published: 13-Nov-2008

Take survey on whether the U.S. government should bailout General Motors.

With the Obama government-elect getting ready to bail out the U. S. auto industry, it looks like Ottawa will have to bite the bullet and do its bit for the Canadian industry by buying every one of us a new car for Christmas.

Or maybe we could have an Auto Lotto, and only two or three million Canadians, chosen by a random draw of social insurance numbers, would get the cars we have failed to buy on their own. The draw would make for compelling, if lengthy Christmas Day TV. Publishing all the winning numbers would give a much-needed boost to the newspaper business. The lotto's motto could be "a car in every garage" (which was actually the back half of the famous "a chicken in every pot" slogan that helped Herbert Hoover sweep to power in 1928).


Purportedly capable of hitting 0-to-60 in under 6 seconds, the plug-in hybrid Karma can hit 125 mph. The company hopes to sell 15,000 of the luxury electric cars annually.

GM's newest fuel economy fighter is the Cruze.

Analysts note that General Motors has made dramatic improvements in its vehicles over the last decade. Pictured is new small call, Chevy Cruze.

Volvo C30 is plug-in hybrid concept that utilizes electric wheel motors.

The real problem we face - and in the US it's far worse, with car makers bleeding money - is that the car is unviable and has been for a long time, contends Larry Buttrose.


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