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Ford Scion Looks Beyond Bailout to Green Agenda

Ford has enough cash and credit to keep it running through 2009 without cutting development of its next generation of more fuel-efficient cars.

Published: 24-Nov-2008

DEARBORN, Mich. -- As the Detroit auto companies contend with their worst financial crisis in decades, the most famous American auto executive has stayed largely out of sight.

But William C. Ford Jr., the executive chairman and scion of the founding family of the Ford Motor Company, has been preparing for a bigger role in the industry’s plan for survival.

While General Motors and Chrysler plead to Congress for a bailout, Mr. Ford has reached out to President-elect Barack Obama in hopes that his company can benefit from the administration’s longer-term strategies for the auto industry.


Professor Robert Kearns invented the intermittent wiper, only to have it copied by Ford. A protracted lawsuit ensued.

'Flash of Genius' is the Hollywood version of Kearns v. Ford Motor Co., based on the 1978 lawsuit by the late inventor of the intermittent windshield.

2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid gets better fuel economy than competing Camry Hybrid.

The new Ford Fusion, which gets Prius like fuel economy, in a mid-sized sedan will actually be available without a premium and will introduce several new improvements in Hybrid Technology.

Lincoln MKS will come with automatic parallel parking option

Ford's new Fusion and Milan Hybrids are exciting improvements, but isn't it capable of so much more?


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