PHOTO CAPTION: Jerry Asher with Spirit of DC, a converted Toyota Prius.

'Spirit of DC' Promotes Plug-in Electric Car Future

Asher's Spirit of DC tour of America proves there really is a grassroots movement taking place all across the country to increase the usage of alternative forms of energy.

Published: 26-Nov-2008

LAKEPORT - Jerry Asher drove into Lakeport on November 20. It's doubtful anyone heard him pull into town, though. His car doesn't make any noise. It's electric. He is touring America with the Spirit of DC, a plug-in hybrid electric Toyota Prius. Asher said the DC on the car can be as in Washington, D.C., where the tour started, as in direct current, its power source, or as one person suggested to him, "drive carefully".

While enjoying breakfast at the High Street Café, Asher jokingly mentioned that he has something in common with the Blues Brothers who were "On a mission from God." While it is obvious that Asher is passionate about his mission, his business card actually states he is "Educating America about plug-in hybrid electric vehicles one town at a time."

Locally, Asher and the Spirit of DC were hosted to the public at the Mendo-Lake Credit Union parking lot by the Konocti Electric Auto Association. The car and touring expenses are being offset by the Electric Vehicle Association of Greater Washington, D.C. and from grants from a number of other electric car associations and other organizations.


Earth Policy Institute's Lester Brown offers another way to fuel the cars of the future that doesn't require a switch to natural gas.

Despite Toyota's disapproval of the $500 deposit on future plug-in Prius, one dealer plans to continue accepting them.

Chrysler circulating plug-in hybrid prototypes to dealers more advanced than earlier models. Pictured is the Chrysler EcoVoyager, in one of a trio of electric-drive concept vehicles it debuted at the 2009 Detroit Auto Show.


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