PHOTO CAPTION: Honda Insight revives original model line of dedicated hybrids.

Honda to Debut New Insight at 2009 EVER Monaco

EVER Monaco, the trade show dedicated to ecological vehicles and renewable energies, will be held from 26th to 29th March 2009 at Monaco’s Grimaldi Forum.

Published: 15-Dec-2008

Monaco -- After ten years of marketing hybrid technology and as it prepares to launch its Insight sedan, Honda is strengthening its participation in the EVER Monaco trade show by becoming an official partner of the 2009 edition. EVER Monaco, the trade show dedicated to ecological vehicles and renewable energies, will be held from 26th to 29th March 2009 at Monaco’s Grimaldi Forum.

A new vehicle to Honda’s hybrid range, already represented by the Civic Hybrid, which was marketed in 2006, the Honda Insight will be the most affordable hybrid family sedan on the market. Indeed, Honda would like to slash the ecological impact of its products, and the car manufacturer is convinced that this commitment entails the wider distribution of its low CO2 emission products.

After participating for nearly two years in the EVER Monaco trade show with the Civic Hybrid, and true to its word concerning reductions in CO2 emissions, Honda wants to increase awareness of its hybrid vehicle range. The EVER Monaco trade show serves as a legitimate, appropriate opportunity for the presentation of its green automotive technologies. The event also gives members of the general public the chance to try out these technologies.

“The partnership established between EVER Monaco and Honda is the continuation of Honda’s multi-year participation in the trade show and demonstrates the company’s desire to be seen as the leader in the most affordable hybrid technologies,” stated Christophe Decultot, General Manager of the Automotive Division of Honda Motor Europe (South) S.A.S. "The Honda Insight will make its stunning debut on the French market in early 2009, and EVER Monaco will serve as one of the first opportunities for the general public to test drive it. With the Insight, we’ll prove that eco-friendliness, practical concerns, and driving pleasure are completely compatible with a limited budget when it comes to buying and using vehicles.”

Honda will occupy the central booth at the vehicles exhibition in the middle of the Espace Ravel inside the Grimaldi Forum in Monaco from 26th to 29th March 2009.

Visitors to the trade show will have the chance to test drive the Civic Hybrid and the Insight, both representing Honda’s hybrid vehicle range, near the Grimaldi Forum. A contest organised as part of the trade show will culminate in a lottery that will determine the winner of a Honda Insight.

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