PHOTO CAPTION: Fisker released this teasing close-up photo of Sunset concept car.

Fisker to Reveal 'Sunset' Concept Car

Company releases partial photo of concept follow-on to Karma sedan

Published: 31-Dec-2008

In a brief press release, Fisker Automotive, announced that it would not only be revealing a production version of its Karma plug-in electric sedan, but also would show a new concept car called the 'Sunset' at the 2009 North American International Auto Show in Detroit.

Speculation is that car is a convertible based on what appears from the official tease photo to be the missing 'B' pillar behind the front door.

The company said it is planning to begin deliveries to customers in late 2009 of the $87,000 Karma luxury electric sedan, which is reported to have an 'electric-first' * driving range of 50 miles before the car's proprietary Q-Drive kicks in.

* 'Electric-First' is the trademark of EV World.com.

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