PHOTO CAPTION: 2010 Toyota Prius is rated at 50 mpg combined city-highway driving. Photo credit: EV

2010 Prius EPA-Rated at 50 MPG Combined City-Highway

The new model, sporting updated but still recognizable styling, is about the same size, but Toyota says it has a roomier rear seat.

Published: 17-Jan-2009

Toyota said Monday that its third-generation Prius hybrid would average four more miles per gallon than the current model and have, as options, systems to park itself and use solar power to keep the car ventilated on hot days.

The new car's introduction, at a media preview Monday of the Detroit auto show, comes as the lowest gasoline prices in years have diminished consumer interest in hybrids.

Prius sales, for example, plummeted by almost 45 percent last month from a year earlier, and sales of all hybrids fell by 10 percent last year from 2007.


Toyota FT-86 Hybrid Electric Concept Car

The concept uses a 2.0 liter engine developed by Saburu and is billed as being "green", though Toyota has yet to reveal how it achieves that moniker.


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