PHOTO CAPTION: Bob Lutz answers press questions at 2009 NAIAS. Photo credit:

Bob Lutz: Gov't Regs Are Odds with Consumer Desires

American buyers usually choose the largest vehicle they can afford from a fuel standpoint. Breaking that habit is difficult, said Bob Lutz.

Published: 24-Jan-2009

For the automotive industry, 2008 was a year like no other in recent memory.

Auto manufacturers scrambled to meet demand as consumers abandoned large SUVs and trucks, Detroit's stronghold, for small cars as fuel prices reached $4 a gallon over the summer.

Congress responded with new fuel-economy standards that demanded automakers meet a 35-mpg standard by 2020. Automakers, in turn, changed product plans and began investing in expensive new technology to meet those standards.


GM inadvertently releases early a series of executive photos with views of the Volt in the background.

GM Co-chairman Bob Lutz with newly debuted Chevy Volt electric car

GM's Co-Chairman appears on Comedy Central's Colbert Report and runs into unexpected flak.

GM Chairman Ed Whitacre spoke briefly at 10 July 2009 press conference.

Official company press release.


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