PHOTO CAPTION: Washington Post auto editor Warren Brown

Clean the Air with High Gasoline Prices

Open letter to President Obama from Washington Post automotive writer, Warren Brown against granting California its EPA waiver.

Published: 02-Feb-2009

You promised you would back California's rebellion against the Environmental Protection Agency, allowing federal consideration of that state's waiver application and that of its 13 confederates to make and enforce their own regulations controlling vehicle tailpipe emissions. You've kept your word.

But I humbly suggest that you and the Confederate States of California be wary of what you are setting in play. The EPA should take warning, too. After all, why should taxpayers spend money for a federal regulatory agency to come up with rules that can be trumped by state fiat?

It's a waste of dollars. Better to give the money to the California Air Resources Board, scrap the EPA and be done with it.


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