PHOTO CAPTION: Cyclist carriers bike onto Caltrain. The agency has agreed to expand its bike capacity.

California Cyclists Win More Space on CalTrain Rail Cars

Caltrain and cycling activists reach compromise that sees added bike hauling capacity.

Published: 09-Feb-2009

Both of our local dailies reported today that Caltrain has responded to local bicycle activists' missives and will expand its trains' bike-carrying capacities. And yet, neither of the papers reported that Caltrain's solution may only deliver less than a third of what bike backers were after. (also, the Chronicle headline "Bicycle activists win 1, lose 1 in space battle" left us thinking this story was going to involve X-Wing Fighters; finally we'll have space for our bikes and our R2 units).

"What we came away with is a lot less than what people would like," concedes Andy Thornley, the program director of the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition.

Tired of being bumped off Caltrains with full bike cars -- and legions of empty seats -- Thornley and his fellow activists have been lobbying the trains system for more than a year leading up to yesterday's San Carlos meeting. The Bicycle Coalition's plan was bold: It called for two bicycle cars per train, each of which would be revamped to hold 40 bicycles. But that's not what Caltrain opted to do.


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